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If you find your circumstances lead to you needing to surrender your beloved parrot, please don't hesitate to contact us at Feather Tail. We'll do all we can to support you and make the transition for you and your parrot as seamless as possible. We understand it may be very upsetting and we'll do all we can to put your mind at ease. We can keep you updated on your feather babies journey with us and ensure you're updated as often as you need. 

All parrots that come into our care are sent to a foster home. Our foster homes are either staff or members with vast experience with parrots. The foster carers job is to assess the bird, picking up any dietary requirements or behaviours. This is an essential part of our process. As it's very important we find the right people to adopt or long/short term foster. We get to know the birds likes and dislikes during their assessment. It makes sure we know for sure what their new home needs to have. Any and all medical treatment or rehabilitation will be done while the bird is in foster care. The bird may require long term fostering depending on their needs. Once your parrot is ready, we'll complete a write up and search for a forever home that will best suit them. 

When you hand your parrot over to us, you also sign them over to our rescue for life. However, we always have time for those who have surrendered birds and will endeavour to keep you as updated as you need. We understand giving up a beloved pet isn't about not loving or caring for them any longer, it's simply a sad change in circumstances.

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