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If you're interested in adopting or short/long term fostering, you will be required to pass a home assessment first. This will be done by video call or where necessary a home visit. If you pass the home assessment, you can choose from one of our membership packages. The type of bird you are looking for is important when selecting your membership. 

Once you're a fully paid member you can look to see what birds we have available. When you come across one you feel will suit your circumstances you can contact admin/trustees to apply. On some occasions we may have to decline an application (we'll always tell you why we feel it's not a good match). Please don't let that deter you from applying for other feather babies. 

Once your application for a feather friend is accepted, we'll start the process of arranging to unite you with your chosen parrot. There will be paperwork to read and sign for your new family member. Once the agreement is all signed, it's over to you. We'll always be here for support, advice or even a general chat. 

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