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Providing Species Specific Care: its important to understand your parrots natural behaviour in the wild to be able to tackle complex issues within the home.

Many people experience behavioural problems with their birds and most of the time these issues can be fixed with education, diet change and lifestyle changes.

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Behaviour Issues : Before I go into behaviour issues the key thing to remember that these animals should have never been brought into captivity in the first place, they are and always will be WILD animals whether they are breed and hand raised by humans they will always have behaviour issues that most humans will find difficult to understand, hormonal issues and social needs that a human wont be able to truly for fill.

With that said parrots can adapt well and thrive in captivity given the right environment, diet and stimulation.

Keeping parrots in a captive environment can be extremely challenging and behavioural problems, such as incessant screaming, aggression and feather plucking, are not uncommon.

for some birds the artificial captive environment has given rise to behaviours which owners find problematic. Performance of ‘abnormal’ behaviours can arise as a consequence of the restricted environment in which the birds are kept. Additionally, many normal' parrot behaviours, which are adaptive for a bird living in the wild –  can present a problem to their owners.


Providing Species Specific Diet : Not every parrot species eats the same nuts, seeds and fruits some parrots even eat nectar from flowers naturally in the wild.

In the wild parrots will fly for miles and miles, hence why the need for a high protein and fat diet, whilst in captivy parrots unfortunately do not fly and burn off the calories we give them leading to long lasting health problems.

So where do we start with a healthy balanced diet?

Below you can click the link to the page where you can find a list of ingredients for chop and routine plan that will help your parrot calm and get onto a healthier diet and help with behaviour problems.

WORLD PARROT TRUST : The WPT have a great encyclopaedia on each parrot species that tells you all about their natural behaviours and what they would eat in the wild, please research your birds specific species and get to grips with how they act in the wild as this will help you a lot with understanding your birds natural behaviour

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